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    Armah’s The beautyful ones are not yet born: A Sartrean- Fanonian reading
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2023) Ikhlef, Manel
    This master’s dissertation has probed into the presence of existentialism in Armah’s The beautyful ones are not yet born through a Sartrean Fanonian reading. It takes its bearing from Sartre’s philosophical works, including Nausea (1938), Being and Nothingness (1943), and No Exit (1944), as well as Fanon’s Black Skin, White Masks (1952), and The Wretched of the Earth (1961). The study has investigated the extent to which existentialist and revolutionary ideas contribute to our understanding of the novel’s central themes of existentialism, freedom, and authenticity. By connecting Sartrean concepts such as “The Look”, “Bad Faith”, “Nausea”, “Existence vs. Essence”, and “Viscosity” to Fanon’s revolutionary ideologies, this study has emphasized how Armah utilized Sartre’s philosophy to delve into Fanon’s Africanized existentialism, allowing a more comprehensive examination of the complexities of postcolonial Ghanaian society. The findings of this study shed light into how existentialist ideas are instrumental in portraying themes of alienation, existential angst, internal conflicts, and the tension between personal aspirations and oppressive societal realities in postcolonial Ghana. The quest for authenticity and identity is examined through characters such as the nameless protagonist who challenges societal expectations, or Koomson and Oyo who cowardly choose to denounce their agency in the face of social and political constraints. Armah’s stylization of Fanon while using Sartrean existentialist themes, serve as a philosophical critique of postcolonial Ghana’s sociopolitical systems, and its existing order.
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    Heroism and loss in William Shakespear's "the tragedy of hamlet" (1601) and Chiua Achebe's "things fall apart" (1958)
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2022) Bouzid, Samia; Brihmat, Narimane
    Our task in this dissertation is to expose two fundamental themes namely: Heroism and Loss in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, focusing on their main characters. To do that, we referred to Aristotle’s theory of Tragedy as explained in his Poetics. Our work is based on the comparison between Hamlet and Okonkwo in order to highlight the differences and the similarities between them despite they are written in different eras and places. In fact, both are considered as heroic characters who have a respective status in their societies at the beginning. Hamlet is seen as an intellectual prince during the Renaissance Era and Okonkwo is portrayed as a strong wrestler and leader in the Igbo society. Besides, both Hamlet and Okonkwo have a tragic flaw that led to their death and fall. At the end of the stories, both witnessed their loss that is caused by their excess of fame and power. Finally, the two works are studied through a tragic perspective regarding plot or events both the protagonists witnessed.
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    The intersection of disability and marginalization in Doris Lessing’s The fifth child (1988) and Raquel Jaramillo Palacio’s Wonder (2012)
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2022) Merzouk, Kenza
    The present study has investigated the intersection of disability and marginalisation that exists in Doris Lessing’s The fifth child (1988) and Raquel Jaramillo Palacio’s Wonder (2012). My aim in the research paper has been to shed light on the relationship between disability and marginalisation through the characters’ experiences in both novels, as well as the way this relationship affected the household members. In order to reach my objective, I have employed two main theories which are Tobin Siebers’s Disability theory (2008) and Peter Burke’s Brothers and sisters of disabled children (2004) accompanied by a supportive one which is Lennard J. David’s Disability studies reader (2006). The aforementioned theories are suitable for my study since they provide with the necessary concepts which are disability and marginalisation. Throughout my analysis, I have come to two major findings. First, disabled people are seen as burden because of their impairment; thus, they become marginalized by society and family. Second, disability does not only affect the person who carries it, but also his surroundings, and more specifically his siblings. The dissertation is divided into two major chapters; the first chapter has strived to explain the way and the reason as well as the consequences of disability and marginalisation that occurs on the disabled protagonists. The second chapter has attempted to define the consequences of disability on the siblings of the disabled child and their parents. Ultimately, I have come up to the conclusion that the societal stereotypes are the ones that determine a person’s ability and disability.
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    The Grotesque in Mustapha Benfodil’s « L’Archeologie du Chaos ( Amoureux) » (2007), and Ayi Kwei Armah’s « The Beautyful Ones are Not Yet born” (1968)
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2021) Laoubi, Sarah
    This research work delves into the analysis of two modern African literature works: L'archeologie du chaos (amoureux) by Mustapha Benfodil (2007) and The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born by Ayi Kwei Armah (1968). The objective of this study is to demonstrate how the theory of the grotesque can be applied to these two novels. The research employs Mikhail Bakhtin's theory of the grotesque, which was expounded in his book Rabelais and His World published in 1965. The discussion is structured into two parts; the first of which analyzes the grotesque forms and themes in Benfodil's L'archeologie du chaos (amoureux). The second part, on the other hand, is dedicated to the analysis of The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born by Armah under the same theory. The two analyses scrutinize the grotesque imagery used, the language utilized, the grotesque aspects of the characters, the degradation of certain aspects, and the dethroning of both Algerian and Ghanaian societies and governments. Throughout the research, it has been discovered that there are numerous passages in both novels where the grotesque could be applied. It became evident that Benfodil and Armah were inspired by the challenges and issues their respective countries faced, and sought to condemn them while simultaneously advocating for positive change. As such, the research concludes that the grotesque serves as a useful tool in the critique of oppressive societal and governmental structures. Through the grotesque, authors can underscore the absurdity of such systems, and challenge readers to envision a world where such grotesqueries are eliminated. The study thus contributes to our understanding of the power of literature as a means of social commentary, and provides insights into the ways in which African literature can be used to shed light on the political and social realities of the continent
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    EFL Teachers’ Views and Learners’ Attitudes towards the Use of TikTok as a Microlearning Tool in the department of English at Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou: A Survey Study
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2023) Chikhi, Hadjila; Guetaf, Chahira
    Since the shift in paradigm in higher education from traditional (face-to-face) instruction to E-learning; social media, including TikTok, serve as online means for teaching and learning across different fields, encompassing EFL. Accordingly, the present research explores EFL teachers’ views and students’ attitudes towards the use of TikTok as a form of microlearning in the department of English at MMUTO. In order to achieve the purpose of this research; Davis’ (1989) Technology Acceptance Model has been relied on as a theoretical foundation. In This exploratory study, a mixed-methods research has been employed to collect and analyse data. In what concerns data collection instruments; a questionnaire has been randomly distributed to a total of 40 students (10 per each level of study L1, L2, L3 and M1) along with a structured interview conducted with 11 randomly selected teachers of the same department. The collected data have been analysed using the Descriptive Statistical Method for quantitative data and the Qualitative Content Analysis for the qualitative ones. The findings of the interviews have revealed that most EFL teachers consider TikTok as an advantageous and helpful tool that facilitates English language learning. The results of the questionnaire show that most students have expressed a positive attitude towards using TikTok to learn English and have confirmed that their language skills have improved using TikTok. The last finding demonstrates that perceived usefulness and ease of use are critical factors that influence EFL students’ acceptance or rejection of TikTok.
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    EFL Learners’ Anger Metaphor Production and Influence of the Native Language and Culture: Cognitive Linguistic Study
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2021) Mansouri, Thinhinane
    The present study is concerned with the impact of EFL learners’ mother tongue and culture (Kabyle) on the cognitive process involved in the production of English anger metaphors. This research aims at investigating Kabyle language and culture’s interference in the production of both ANGER IS FIRE and ANGER IS A HOT FLUID IN A CONTAINER metaphors. Three theories have been used in the present study: The Conceptual Metaphor Theory, the Cross-cultural Cognitive Theory, and Contrastive Analysis. In this research, the latter has focused on three parameters suggested by Barcelona (2001): conventionality, specificity, and elaboration. Adding to this, similarity within universality is another parameter that has been used in (CA). In this piece of work, the study of metaphor production has also relied on four parameters proposed by Kövesces (2010): the immediate cultural context, what we know about major entities participating in the discourse, the physical setting, and the social setting. Language interference is a serious problem that any second or foreign language learner may suffer from. Thus, it is worth to explore Kabyle language and culture’s influence in the production of some English anger metaphors. In this work, a questionnaire has been used as a data collection tool. It has been distributed to first and second year master students enrolled in the program “Language and Communication‟ at the Department of English in Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou. The results obtained have been analysed using two data analysis tools. The first one is Contrastive Analysis. It involved a comparison of two corpora: Kabyle and English anger metaphors. The differences between the two languages may be an important factor that helps checking the influence of the native language and culture in the production of anger metaphors Lado (1957: Preface). The second one is The Corpus of Contemporary American English. It requires the use of Metaphor Identification Procedure to facilitate and better analyse the data. As a result, the analysis of the EFL students’ metaphor productions has revealed that Kabyle language and culture interfere most in learners’ productions of ANGER IS FIRE metaphor. In addition, it has been discovered that a significant number of students’ metaphor productions including ANGER IS FIRE and ANGER IS A HOT FLUID IN A CONTAINER has shown creativity. Adding to this, it has been observed that the cultural context influences students’ production of creative metaphors.
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    A Combination of Students’ Learning Styles and Classroom Management Techniques for an Effective EFL Learning: An Analysis of First Year Teachers’ Views in the Department of English at MMUTO
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2021) Belhadj, Aghiles; Belguendouz, Silia
    The present study aims to explore teachers’ views towards the combination of first year students’ learning styles and classroom management techniques and to check whether this combination motivates students and promotes EFL learning. To achieve this goal, the theoretical frameworks of Li Wai-shing (2008), and Neil D.Fleming and Colleen E-Mills (1992) have been used. To carry out this study, a mixed method approach involving the qualitative and the quantitative approaches has been followed; Thus, a set of questionnaires have been distributed to first year teachers. In order to analyze the collected data, the Statistical Package for Social Sciences is used for the statistical data, while a qualitative content analysis is adopted to inform positive views towards the combination of classroom management techniques and learning styles and that this combination plays an important role in motivating students and helping them to achieve their academic goals.
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    The Role of Oral Feedback in Enhancing Classroom Interaction: The Case of Second-Year Pupils of Halliche Houcine Middle School of Tizi- Ouzou
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2022) Loubar, Yasmine; Hellel, Dyhia
    The primary focus of the current study is about the crucial factor that teachers use in their teaching process. It is one of the most important elements in teaching English as a foreign language, which is oral feedback. Thus, this research attempts to determine whether EFL teachers of Halliche Houcine Middle School provide Oral Feedback to their learners. It is carried out in Halliche Houcine Middle School in Tizi-Ouzou relying on Brookhat’s theory (2008) which demonstrates the four strategies of feedback. In fact, this investigation is based on the mixed- methods approach for both data collection and data analysis. Thus, three distinct research instruments are adopted: Thirty (30) questionnaires are given to Second-Year pupils, two (2) written interviews for teachers of English, and a classroom observation that has been conducted during English classes. Concerning the data analysis, the quantitative data are interpreted through the use of Descriptive Statistical method, whereas the qualitative data are analyzed through Qualitative Content Analysis. According to the findings obtained, it is concluded that oral feedback is a powerful tool, which plays a significant role in language teaching and learning where EFL teachers of Halliche Houcine Middle School provide it to their pupils in order to encourage them to communicate and interact in class. Additionally, the results unveil that both teachers and pupils of Halliche Houcine Middle School take into consideration classroom interaction and oral feedback.
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    A Rhetorical Discourse Analysis of Two Motivational Speeches Case Study: Brendon Burchard’s Speeches “How to Succeed” And “How to Stay Focused”.
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2022) Mahmoudi, Dalia; MeghezliI, Lydia
    The present study is a rhetorical analysis of Brendon Burchard’s motivational speeches “How to Succeed” delivered in 2014 and “How to Stay Focused” delivered in 2015. The main interest of this analysis is to identify the rhetorical situation together with the rhetorical devices used by the successful personal development coach in both these speeches. Weseek to identify the rhetorical situation in order to identify the general context and circumstances that have brought these two speeches to existence. We also look forward to demonstrate the various rhetorical devicesthat have helped this particular orator to make his speeches convincing.Therefore, in our area of study, two major theories are used: Bitzer's(1968) Rhetorical Situation Theory (exigence, audience, and constraints), and the four Aristotelian Rhetorical Appeals (1356a)(i.e., logos, ethos, pathos and kairos). The current analytical research adopted a descriptive design which is based on mixed method approach, including both qualitative and quantitative analysis. On the one hand, Discourse Analysisis used to analyze, interpret and explain data and lexical semantic links; ithas helped to categorize the two speeches into one major theme that is persuasion and to analyze the rhetorical device. On the other hand, the Descriptive Statistical Method is primarily utilized for the tabulational representation of particular occurrences. Furthermore, the integration of the two frameworks; the four Aristotelian appeals (1356a)and Bitzer’s rhetorical situation (1968) in the speecheshas played a crucial role in making them persuasive. Throughout the analysis, we have realized that Brendon Burchard used all three rhetorical situation components. Additionally, we have found that the two speeches do not only includethefour rhetorical devices –Ethos, Pathos Logos and Kairos- but they are also loaded with figures of speech which made the speeches more appealing and compelling. We have also come to know that he has relied more on Pathos and Ethos as tools to attract and persuade the audience than the use of Logos and Kairos; however, he has not completely neglected the latter.
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    Camus's Absurdism: Edward Albee’s Zoo Story(1958),Amiri Baraka’s Dutchman(1964) and Adrienne Kennedy’s Funnyhouse of a Negro(1964).
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2023) Messaoudi, Tania
    This dissertation explores the philosophy of the Absurd in Edward Albee’s Zoo Story (1958), Amiri Baracka’s Dutchman (1964) and Adrienne Kennedy’s Funnyhouse of a Negro (1964) in light of Albert Camus’s theoretical concepts of the absurd as developed in his essay “The Myth of Sisyphus” (1942). To unveil common aspects of Absurdism, in the three plays, I divided this dissertation into three chapters. In the first chapter, I have dealt with the crisis of identity that the main characters in the three plays have suffered from. In the second chapter, I focused on character's alienation and how they isolate themselves from the real world as they see it devoid of meaning. The last chapter examines violence, death and race relationships within the three plays that ironically led them to commit suicide. The main objective of this dissertation is to expose the struggle of modern man, more precisely American one against his absurdist existence. In fact, all characters within the three plays are alienated from the rest of the world. They are tortured by their real world; therefore, each one tries to find a way out. Unfortunately, they resort to verbal violence at first, which becomes latter on physical, leading to their death. Like any Absurdist character as explained by Camus, our characters are struggling to give meaning to their existence and escaping their isolation. Furthermore, the characters’ loneliness greatly affected them. They had resorted to violence to escape their isolation.
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    Promoting Lifelong Learning through Technology Literacy: An Analysis of EFL Teachers and Third-Year Students’ Views in Brothers Hamdi and Idris Ahmed Secondary Schools in Tizi-ouzou (Algeria)
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2022) Abdellaoui, Ryma; Achouche, Zina
    This research examines EFL teachers and students’ views towards technology literacy as a means of promoting lifelong learning. It deals with Third-Year students at the Secondary Schools Idris Ahmed and Brothers Hamdi in Tizi-Ouzou (Algeria). The goal is to get insights into the attitudes that the teachers and students have towards technology literacy to further the students’ education throughout their lives. Alexander Romiszowski’s Taxonomy (1981); which discusses the skills that students need to enhance to promote their lifelong learning. The research uses mixed-methods approach, gathering and analyzing data using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Eighty-one (81) Third-Year students who use digital devices are randomly chosen to receive a questionnaire, and six (6) teachers at the mentioned Secondary Schools are interviewed as part of the data gathering process. In terms of data analysis, the close-ended questionnaire items' numerical data are analyzed using the rule of three, and the open-ended interview and questionnaire questions' findings are interpreted using qualitative content analysis (QCA). The findings show that both teachers and students have positive views towards using technology literacy to foster lifelong learning. The results also show how important it is for learners to use technology literacy to develop a variety of skills, including cognitive, psychomotor, and reactive abilities, as well as factual and conceptual knowledge.
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    The burden of social standards on women in Lauren Weisberber's the devil wears prada (2003) and Christina Chiu's beauty(2020)
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2022) Khelifi, Kenza; Ait Kaci, Houda
    This research is a comparative study of Lauren Weisberger's novel The Devil Wears Prada (2003) and Christina Chiu's Beauty (2020). The study has focused on how society puts too much pressure on women to fit the ‘beauty myth’ which is to be physically attractive, good mothers, and perfect housewives. The main concern of the work has been to demonstrate how women are affected by this ‘beauty myth’ in two diffrent societies the American and the Asian. In order to achieve our aim which is how Images of Beauty are used against women in two different societies; the American and the Asian, we have adopted Naomi Wolf's theory of the beauty myth as exposed in her eponymous book The Beauty Myth (1991), a feminist literary theory that focuses on how societies control women and maintain patriarchy by demeaning them and setting expectations for how they should behave and what they should look like. The study is divided into two chapters. The first one deals with the social pressure on women while the second treats the effects of this pressure on women and their reaction to it. It has been revealed that women in both novels are denied the right to live and choose what is appropriate for them and instead, have to live the way society wants them. It has also been shown that some women finally break the myth that is set by society and decide to follow their inner voice and build strong identities independent of social conventions of the patriarchal system. Since people's opinions of beauty change throughout time, it has been discovered that the concept of beauty does as well.
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    Positive Companionship, Mothering, and Nurturing in Flora Nwapa’s Efuru 1966
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2022) CHellala, Tinhinane; Hammam, Zina
    Our research paper highlights the different representation of African women in Nigerian postcolonial and patriarchal society through analysing the work of Flora Nwapa’s Efuru. The aim of our dissertation is to depict womanism in the Igbo society. In this dissertation, we have analysed different issues like positive companionship; mothering and nurturing in Flora Nwapa’s work Efuru. In order to reach our purpose, we rely on the theory of Africana womanism developed by the African American writer Clenora Hudson Weems in her work entitled Africana womanism: Reclaiming Ourselves published in 1993 . The work comprises discussion of two important sections.First, we have studied woman’s attitude towards positive companionshipand sisterhood focusing on the protagonist Efuru and other characters in Nwapa’s work Efuru. In the second section, we have explored the importance mothering and nurturing for the African woman’s identity, emphasising on Efuru. After analysing the work, we have come to the findings that Nwapa is a womanist writer who deals with women’s issues and daily life struggle in postcolonial and patriarchal society. Finally, we have supplied a conclusion that restates our main findings in relation to our issues.
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    Teachers’ and Master Students’ Attitudes Towards the Use of PowerPoint Presentations to Improve Students’ Note-Taking Skill in the Department of English at Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2020-12) Hamoudi, Sabrina
    The present study is mainly conducted to investigate teachers’ and students’ attitudes towards the use of PowerPoint presentations to improve students’ note-taking skill. It attempts to determine whether EFL master students and teachers of the department of English at Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou are interested in the use of PowerPoint for the sake of improving students’ note taking skill. This research is mainly based on one theoretical framework: Richard Mayer’s Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning and adopts a mixed method approach. In fact, an asynchronous online interview is conducted with five teachers, in addition to an online questionnaire designed using Google Forms and administered to Master students of Language and Communication and Didactics of Foreign Languages. In order to analyze the obtained data, the SPSS software is used with the quantitative data, while Qualitative Content Analysis is used with the qualitative one. On the basis of the outcomes of the study, it is revealed that both students and teachers have positive attitudes towards PowerPoint presentations and believe that their integration into the lecture enhance students’ note-taking abilities. Despite the limited use of PowerPoint, which is due to the lack of materials and equipment, both teachers and students recommend its implementation in the classroom.
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    The Role of English Subtitled Movies in Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition: An Analysis of Third-Year Students’ Views in the Department of English at MMUTO
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2021) Addi, Assia; SiI Ziani, Zahia
    This dissertation explores the role of English subtitled movies in incidental vocabulary acquisition among third-year students of the English department at the University of Mouloud Mammeri in Tizi-Ouzou (MMUTO). Specifically, it investigates the importance of English subtitles in developing incidental vocabulary and the extent to which they facilitate language learning across different levels. To guide our study, we draw on Richard E. Mayer's book Multimedia Learning (April 9, 2001) and its key principles.We employ a mixed-methods research design that combines quantitative and qualitative criteria to gain a comprehensive understanding of the research question. Seventy third-year students complete a questionnaire, while eight students participate in a structured interview. To analyze the data, we use the rule of three for statistical analysis and Qualitative Content Analysis for the interpretation of open-ended questions and interview responses.The results suggest that English subtitles have a positive impact on incidental vocabulary acquisition and language learning. The students reported that subtitles helped them better understand the context and nuances of the language, and enhanced their ability to acquire vocabulary and language features incidentally. The findings also highlight the importance of incorporating multimedia elements into language learning practices, and support the use of English subtitled movies as a valuable resource in language education.Overall, this study contributes to the growing body of research on the effectiveness of multimedia learning and provides insights into the use of subtitles in language education.
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    The Impact of Toulmin’s Model of Argumentation on the Argumentative Skills of Third-Year Students in the Department of English at Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2022) Belkalem, Khalida; Hadjer, Nesrine
    This dissertation is concerned with the impact of Toulmin’s Model of Argumentation (TMA) (2003) on the argumentative writing skills Third-Year (L3) students in the Department of English at Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi Ouzou (MMUTO)(2021-2022). It is intended to determine the efficacy of the techniques and models that are employed to teach argumentation, along with the common difficulties students encounter when arguing academically. Additionally, it aimed at uncovering the impact of an alternative model (TMA) on students’ argumentative capacities. To achieve the stated objectives Toulmin’s Model of Argumentation is applied. The study has been an experimental research that has combined both quantitative and qualitative methods for data collection and analysis. For data collection, an online questionnaire is administered to fifty (50) Third-Year students selected randomly, and a structured interview is conducted with three (03) teachers of the reading and writing module at the Department of English. Concerning data analysis, the computer program Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) is used to analyze the numerical data obtained from the close-ended items of the questionnaire, and Qualitative Content Analysis (QCA) is applied to interpret the findings reached from the open-ended questions of the interview and the questionnaire. TMA is utilized for the argument analysis of the pre and post-tests. The results of the study have demonstrated that the techniques and models teachers use do not have a direct influence on students’ argumentative capacities. Moreover, the difficulties learners have faced are mostly ‘evidential’, ‘organizational’, and ‘language-related’ obstacles that could be found in academic writing in general and could not be treated by a model of a specific domain. As such, the results have shown that TMA has not permitted the production of satisfactory argumentative essays in the Department of English at MMUTO.
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    The Tragic Hero in Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage (1895) and Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms (1929).
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2020) Larbi, Chahrazad; Hadj Ali, Fazia
    This research paper deals with the study of the Tragic Hero in Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage (1895) and Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms (1929). Our Major interest in this dissertation is to analyze the novels as modern tragedies. Thus, to achieve our purpose, we have relied on Arthur Miller’s theory developed in his essay “Tragedy and The Common Man” (1949). This present study aims to reveal Stephen Crane’s and Ernest Hemingway’s viewpoints about the tragic hero who is represented as a common man that shares the same problems and struggles of his society. In other words, they try to show to which extent their characters uncover the aspects of the modern tragic hero. This dissertation is divided into two main chapters. The first one is concerned with the analysis of the major characters (Frederic Henry, Henry Fleming, Jim Conklin and Catherine Barkley) under the notions of the tragic. The second one deals with the main themes involved within both works such fighting for dignity, war, courage and death.
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    “The Culture of Poverty’’ in Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield (1850) and Mouloud Feraoun’s Le fils du pauvre (1950)
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2021) Yousfi, Melissa
    This research is a comparative study which deals with the theme of poverty in Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield (1850) and Mouloud Feraoun’s Le fils du pauvre (1950). It suggests the existence of an “inherited” poverty in Charles Dickens on Mouloud Feraoun’s work. To achieve this aim we rely on Oscar Lewis’ theory: The Culture of Poverty (1966). It argues that people who live in economic deprivation tend to develop the same personal features and share identical social norms. Our research work has used four dimensions of Oscar Lewis’ theory, which are the individual, the family, the community and its relation to society. Our work focuses on the relationships of the two protagonists, David Copperfield and Fouroulou Menrad, with their fathers; David Copperfield Senior and RamdaneMenrad. It has revealed that poverty and family are interrelated. Our findings highlight the marginalisation of the two main characters in their respective societies as a consequence of their economic deprivation. It emphasizes the estrangement of David Copperfield in Victorian England and the Subalternity of Fouroulou Menrad as a native, Kabyle boy in colonized Algeria. This study illustrates how similar are the conditions, the experiences and the exploits of the two protagonists against poverty, even though, they do belong to completely different cultures and geographical settings.
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    Violence in Alex LA Guma A Walk in the Night (1962) and Bobby Sands’s One Day in My Life (1983)
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2021) Aouam, Melissa; Ait Rahmane, Ouiza
    The aim of this study is to investigate the phenomenon of violence and counter violence in Alex La Guma’s A Walk in The Night (1962) and Bobby Sands’s One Day in My Life (1983) in two chapters devoted to each of the literary works. We have borrowed some concepts of the theory of violence elaborated in Frantz Fanon’s book namely The Wretched of The Earth (1961), in order to better discuss the issue of violence which subverted and distorted the life of both South African and Northern Irish indigenous, being victims of injustice and oppression, etc. Our analysis is sustained with a historical background reflecting reality of both population conditions, through which, we have come to some major similar results .Our concern is also to shed light on the affinities that exist between both socio-political systems namely Apartheid in South Africa and Unionist government in Northern Ireland and their role in impacting as well as affecting both writers content. One of the main arguments of our study is that historical events had a great impact on the above mentioned literary works since both of them showed a direct reference to one of the bloodiest and darkest episodes in the history of the concerned countries. Both writer’s goal is to ascribe blame to both political systems urged to see equality and peace as a threat to their positions and therefore deem them responsible of the dramatically changed situations brought by a steady escalation of violence once the oppressed population acquired enough courage to revolt against the ruling order.
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    Male Dominance and Female Resistance in Colleen Hoover’s It Ends with Us (2016) and Meena Kandasamy’s When I Hit You: Or, A Portrait of the Writer as a Young Wife (2017)
    (Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi –Ouzou, 2022) Rahi, Siham; Kadi, Amel
    The general purpose of this present work is to examine the domestic abuse from which women suffer in Colleen Hoover’s It Ends with Us (2016) and Meena Kandasamy’s When I Hit You: Or, A Portrait of the Writer as a Young Wife (2017). Our major interest in this dissertation is to depict the similarities that exist between the two novels. It also sheds light on the types of abuse that the main female characters suffer from, their reaction to it, and the reasons of the occurrence of violence in the household. For a better investigation, we have relied on Lenore E.A. Walker’s The Battered Woman Syndrome (1984). This dissertation has been divided into two major chapters. In the first chapter we have explored the three phases of the cycle of domestic violence which are “tension building”, “acute battering” and “loving contrition” as presented by Walker. We have also focused on the major reasons behind abuse. The second chapter has been devoted to dive into women’s reaction to violence. This study has revealed that domestic violence passes through three phases. It has also shown that men’s learned behavior and alcohol are the major reason behind domestic violence. Besides, it has revealed that women suffer from helplessness which prevents them from escaping the violent relationship which they finally manage to overcome and break the cycle of violence through support from family and relatives.