Paralysis and colonialism in James Joyce’s Dubliners and Mohammed Dib’s Un Été Africain.

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Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou
In our dissertation, we have dealt with the theme of paralysis due to colonialism in James Joyce’sDubliners and Mohammed Dib’sUn Été Africain. The purpose of our study has been to prove that both authors have close conceptions of paralysis. Although, the two authors belong to different geographical areas and have different cultures and languages, their preoccupations in their early works are similar. Dubliners was written when Ireland was still under the dominance of Irish Catholic Church and British imperial system and Un Été Africain was written also, when Algeria was still under French colonialism. We have divided our work into three sections. In the first one we have dealt with the historical backgrounds of both Ireland and Algeria to put the two literary works in their contexts. In the second section we have dealt with the theme of paralysis in both setting and characterization. In the last section we have tried to apply the Marxist theory of class struggle inboth novels.
Comparative Literature in foreign languages