Investigating the Use of Oral Feedback in English Foreign Language Classes: The case of Advanced Level Learners in Modern Language School and Bridge Way World School of English Private Schools in Tizi -Ouzou

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Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou


The present dissertation aims at exploring the use of oral feedback in EFL classes in private schools (Bridge Way World School of English and Modern Language School in Tizi Ouzou) of advanced level. In more precise terms, the study investigates whether the teachers of private schools use efficient oral feedback and show their learners how to use it, and whether the learners make use of the feedback in their classroom activities. To reach the outcomes we have relied on Brookhart’s (2008) theory about the strategies of feedback and Frey’s and Fisher’s (2011) one about the characteristics of feedback. We have adopted a mixed method approach to conduct our research. Two types of data collection tools are used: teachers’ interview and learners’ questionnaire. The data analysis is based on statistical tools using Scientific package for social sciences to clear up numerical data along with qualitative content analysis (QCA) for the interpretation and the explanation of the results. According to the results obtained, we have came to the results that oral feedback is a fruitful and a helpful method which makes the task of learning much easier for the learners and plays an important role in stimulating their development. More precisely, it has been unveiled that oral feedback is a tool used by teachers to pave the right way to their learners to construct their knowledge. The findings reached through this investigation will open more opportunities to go deeper in this area of the study.




Feedback, Oral feedback, Teachers, Learners, Private schools, Use, EFL Classes.


Linguistique Appliquée et Sémiotique Sociale.