Textbook Evaluation: Vocabulary in New Prospects

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University Mouloud Mammeri of Tizi-Ouzou


The study attempts to examine teaching vocabulary in New Prospects textbook, third year in Algerian secondary school. Our dissertation aims at finding out whether the vocabulary tasks that are proposed in the textbook adopts Allen Hunt and David Beglar’s theory of teaching and learning vocabulary (2002). In fact, this theory is built upon three essential approaches: first, The Incidental approach, second, The Intentional and third, the Independent Strategy Development approach. and each approach includes at least one principle, In addition, the study aims at examining the amount of vocabulary tasks included in each unit and the principle adopted in each task. For the sake of achieving this aims, we have conducted an analysis of vocabulary tasks that are proposed in the textbook .To show the data obtained from the evaluation of vocabulary tasks of the textbook more clearly we have presented it through diagrams, pie charts and tables. It is clear that there is a variation in the questions of vocabulary tasks and learners will answer according to the question: by adding prefixes and suffixes, suggesting verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs, checking meanings of words in dictionaries …etc. However, the three approaches are not implemented in a balanced way since the majority of NP vocabulary tasks adopt the intentional approach while few of them adopt the independent strategy development approach and no task adopts the incidental one.





Sémiotique Sociale et linguistique appliquée