Subtitling strategies in historical films from English into Arabic. “Lincoln” by Steven Spielberg as a case study

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Université Mouloud Mammeri Tizi-Ouzou
In this thesis, we have studied a mode of translation, which is the subtitling in audiovisual productions. We choose to analyze historical film subtitle strategies using the subtitles of the American film "Lincoln." Additionally, we tried to emphasize the key aspects of audiovisual translation, which has expanded over the world and has gained significant importance in both individual and societal life. Since subtitling is the most common sort of audiovisual translation, we have focused on it. We divided our research into three chapters, as we introduced in the first chapter the field of audiovisual translation by defining and mentioning all its types, subtitling and its specificities, strategies, role and difficulties. As for the second chapter, we introduced films specifically historical films, their challenges and history. As for the third chapter, it is devoted to presenting the corpus in general and deriving examples from it to explaining and analyze them.
58p.; 30 cm. (+ CD-Rom)
historical films, subtitling, dubbing, audiovisual translation
Translation arabic/english/arabic