Emancipation in Buchi Emecheta’s In the Ditch(1975) and Assia Djebar’s Loin De Médine(1991).

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university Mouloud Mammeri of Tizi-Ouzou


This research paper is a comparative study between the two novels “Loin de Médine”(1991), written by the Algerian Francophone author Assia Djebar, and “In the Ditch”(1975) of the Nigerian Anglophone writer Buchi Emecheta. The main purpose of this study focuses on the importance of women’s emancipation that can let them to reach a more civilized status in their societies. In this research, the first step is to introduce the subject with a general overview of women’s situation in the world with reference to some of their eternal actions that marked history. In addition to this, it is necessary to have a clear idea of the two distinct periods of time where the two stories are held. So, the historical background of the two novels is very significant to highlight a strong basis of the study. This comparison concerns the main female characters of both novels; for this purpose the ideas of the feminist author Simone De Beauvoir in her book entitled “The Second Sex” (1953) are suitable to have a convincing analysis. This feminist writer explores many aspects that lead to women’s submission and thinks that it is up to women to get their emancipation, through mainly their access to the working class. This principal idea is shared by the two writers. However, both Assia Djebar and Buchi Emecheta in their novels have a different approach to deal with this main issue, which is the importance of women emancipation. Finally, it is clear that the two African authors seem to have the same objective, which is to correct the previous false perceptions of women by men before the appearance of Islam, and also in the 20th century.





Comparative Literature