The Difficulties of Teaching and Learning English for Computer Science in Vocational Training Institutes in Tizi-Ouzou

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Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou


The present dissertation is concerned with the difficulties of teaching and learning English for computer science in three (03) vocational training institutes in the region of Tizi Ouzou , namely (I.N.S.F.P) Med Arezki of Tizi Ouzou( town), (I.N.S.F.P) of Draa Ben Khedda and (I.N.S.F.P) Hadni Said in Oued Aissi. More precisely, it seeks to identify the major problems that fourth (4th) semester learners and their teachers in these institutes encounter in their teaching and learning processes, and it suggests some solutions and strategies on how to alleviate these problems and difficulties. To achieve our aims, we have relied essentially on some aspects and principles about how to improve teaching and learning English for computer science, borrowed from Patridge. B and Starfield. S edited book The Handbook of English for Specific Purpose (2013), Ashurova Zevar Bobirovna edited book Young Scientist (2016) as well as Dikilitas.K and Kirkigoz.Y edited book Key Issues in English for Specific Purposes in Higher Education (2018). This research adopts a mixed methods research, combining both quantitative and qualitative standards. Thus, a questionnaire is distributed to nine (09) ECS teachers from the three centres. A structured interview is also conducted with three (03) trainees from each centre as well as twenty (20) classroom observation sessions were conducted in the two (02) first centres. The rule of three is used for statistical data analysis while Qualitative Content Analysis serves to interpret the results of the interview and the open ended questions of the questionnaire. The results obtained have revealed that teachers are not trained in the subject matter; they are not handed with a syllabus design as well as the problem of texts adaptation and selection. Also, trainees in these three concerned centres find difficulties performing in their language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and even in technical vocabulary. Finally, we have suggested some solutions to overcome the cited problems




ESP, English for Science and Technology, Computer Science, vocational training.


Language and Communication