Investigating Students' Revision Strategies for the Preparation of their Exams: The Case of Master One Students in the Department of English at MMUTO

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Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou
This study aims to investigate the different strategies used by Master One students at MMUTO in their revision for exams. It also seeks to check whether these strategies are effective and helpful for students to meet their needs and objectives in their learning process. To achieve this goal, the theoretical framework of Francis P. Robinson (Survey-Question-Read-Recite-Review) 1941 has been used. To carry out this study, a mixed method approach has been followed. Thus, a questionnaire has been distributed to Master One students. In order to analyze the data collected from the questionnaires, the Statistical Package for Social Sciences is used for the statistical data and for the qualitative data the Qualitative Content Analysis is adopted. From the results obtained, we have concluded that the use of strategies for the exams preparation is very important in the learning process of students. Moreover, using reading, repeating and reviewing strategies while doing revision for exams facilitates the task for students and this paves the way for them to know what, how, where and when to revise.
revision, strategies, Master one students, exams
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