The comparative study between the pure grapejuice and the grape juice based on a concentrate.

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Université Mouloud Mammeri
The grape is a fruit very nutritious grown in Algeria. Yet it is not available all year because of its seasonal nature. Thatis why it seems interesting to keep this fruit in several forms (dry raisin, pure grape juice, concentrated grape juice, nectar and wine) to make grape and its derivatives available throughout the year on the local market. We have studiedand compared two grape juices one is pure and the other based on a concentrated of grape white. The two juices were submitted to differentphysicochemicalanalyses. With regard to sensory analysis, pure grape juice is more appreciated by consumers and tasting jury which gives thepure grape juice the ability to compete with several products on the market including grape juice based on a concentrated. Finally, results of the microbiological analysis for both juices are in accordance with a norm.
89 p. : ill. ; 30 cm. (+ CD-Rom)
Juice, Physicochemical analysis, Microbiological analysis, Organoleptic analysis
Specialty : science of vine