Investigating the Teaching of Grammar in the Algerian Secondary School: the Case of Third- Year Level

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Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou


The present study attempts to investigate the teaching of grammar in the Algerian secondary school. It seeks to see whether the grammar activities included in New Prospects enable the learners to communicate effectively and to see whether the learners are encouraged to discover the rules by themselves in the class. To achieve this goal, two theoretical frameworks are used: Diane Larsen Freeman three dimensions of grammar (2001) and Thornbury’s (1999) two approaches of grammar teaching: the Deductive approach and the Inductive approach. To collect data, we have used three research tools that are: questionnaire, checklist and classroom observation. To analyse the data, our work is based on mixed research methods, qualitative and quantitative content analysis are used as data analyses procedures. The obtained results reveal that the grammar activities included in New Prospects are meaning and form based. As for the teachers’ questionnaire, the results demonstrate that the teachers use the inductive method when teaching new grammar points. Concerning the classroom observation, it reveals that the teachers encourage their learners to discover the rules by themselves.




Grammar, Form, Meaning, Use, Inductive approach, Deductive approach, New Prospects, Teachers and Learners.


Linguistique Appliquée et Sémiotique Sociale