An Investigation in Teaching Strategies : a Process- Genre Model to Promote Students ' Writing skills : Case of third year EFL students at the university of Bejaia

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Universite Mouloud MAMMERI Tizi-Ouzou


Writing, as both a means and a skill, helps students face education and future professional life challenges. Hence, mastering writing is crucial; despite the fact most of EFL students encounter difficulties to achieve such objective. The present research investigates a process-genre model as an alternative to remedy to such intricacies and promote students' writing skill. The sample of the study includes 34 third year students of english at the university of Bejaia. The model is inspired from badger and White's (2000) process-genre approach. The model is based on the principles of the product, process and genre approches to teaching writing.The researcher introduced four modes of writing texts (sxpository, narrative, descriptive and argumentative), accomplished in 180 minutes each.The model proposed is based on seven steps : preparation; modelling; planning; collaborative writing; independent writing; Revision and Assessment. The study relies on student's essays evaluated on the basis of an essay assessment rubric (Read Write Think).The latter encompasses the main elements of writing investigated in this study ( Focus and Details; Organization; Voice; Word Choice; and sentence structure, Grammar, Machanics and Spelling).The results revealed the effectiveness of the process- genre model as students developped in a significant way writing skills.The improvement is significant in all the elements includes in the investigation. The results also show that the student-participants still face challenges in the last element ( Sentence Structure, Grammar, Mechanics and Spelling) as they highlight a slight improvement in the students' essays.The research work lists a set of recommendations for teaching writing in general and adopting the process-genre model in particular with reference to its main constituents.


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Teaching Strategies : Investigation, Writing skills : Students, Elements of writing