The influence of the country of origin on brand equity in the Algerian biscuit market

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The globalization of trade has had repercussions on consumer buying habits spread across the globe. This has significantly changed their behavior and the way they choose products. Some product attributes such as country of origin and brand have become important variables in the consumer decision process. The article looks at the impact of country of origin on brand equity from the point of view of consumers. The aim of this work was to demonstrate the relationships between the country of origin as well as brand loyalty, brand association, brand awareness and perceived quality. For this purpose, a conceptual model is developed to explain this type of relationship in the sector of biscuits, through the BIMO brand. A field survey was conducted among 200 consumers in the wilaya of Tizi-Ouzou using a pre-established questionnaire to verify the conceptual model adopted in this paper. A linear correlation is performed using the Pearson coefficient to verify the main assumptions made in our research. The result that appears gives us an overview of the evaluation of consumers surveyed of the BIMO biscuit brand manufactured in Algeria. Our work offers various perspectives to economic actors and researchers interested in understanding the behavior of Algerian consumers and their relationship to the brand and country of origin of the products they consume.



country of origin, brand loyalty, brand awareness, brand associations, perceived quality.