Reading James Joyce through the eyes of Algerian francophone writers

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Universite Mouloud MAMMERI Tizi-Ouzou


The present research work is meant to make a comparative study between James Joyce's Dubliners, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916) and Ulysses (1922), and the Algerian literary works written in French, namely Mohammed Dib's Trilogy Algeria , Yacine Kateb's Nedjma (1958) and Rachid Boudjedra's La Repudiation (1969). Using and reading the selected literary works by James Joyce through Algerian eyes, this comparative study reveals that despite the differences of culture, beliefs and languages separating Joyce from his Algerian counterparts, their works are quite similar. To reach the objectives of the study, we have borrowed some analytical and literary concepts from postcolonial theories and critical studies such as those put forward by Frantz Fanon, Homi Bhabha, T. S, Eliot, Robert Young and Mikhail Bakhtin. The main focus of the research is on the authors' similar viewpoints on issues related to the pathology of paralysis, colonialism, cosmopolitanism, hybridity, fanatic religion and the carnivalesque. Accordingly, the research is divided into six chapters. The first chapter provides us with the life and times of the selected authors with a historical and literary background of both colonial Ireland and colonial Algeria, by focusing on the most important events which deeply marked the history of both countries. The second chapter is devoted to a comparison between Joyce's collection of short stories in Dubliners and Dib's trilogy Algeria with a particular emphasis on the pathology of paralysis, while the third chapter provides a study of the critical cultural resistance which followed as a means of countering it. The fourth chapter concerns a comparative reading of Kateb's Nedjma and Joyce's Ulysses in an attempt to shed light on the themes of nationalism, and cosmopolitanism. The fifth chapter deals with the cultural and linguistic hybridity in Joyce's and Kateb's novels. Chapter six focuses on the study of family romance in Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and Boudjedra's La Répudiation. The theme of family romance is looked at from a Freudian psychoanalysis and a Bakhtinian carnivalesque.


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Irish Nationalism, Algerian au mors Hbridity, Algerian literary, James Joyce